About me x)

Hi,i'm Aemeyy , my full name is Nur Amelina Binti Zailani x) , my nickname is Aemeyy , people call me Amy x) , i love myself so much x) , height --> 147cm weight --> 49kg , i'm a lonely girl no i'm kidding xD , i like playing netball x) , my fav kuey teow kentonis , and my fav drink is milk coffee and juice orange , i got a 1 mommy and 1 daddy , ilove her/him so much <3 aww x) , my fav song is "ape-ape lagu dari selena gomez" , ohh , my facebook name is "AEMEYY SAANE DOTS" , add me and if i don't want to approving you all , i'm sorry x) ,okayy , i have 1 boyf it's Zack Carter , true is Muhd Syafiq bin Mohd Zawawi , okayy , not perfect and not handsome boyf like your boyf/girlf so much okay x) , Ilovehim so freaking damn much x) , 6/08/2011 my date couple with him so , don't ever people take him from me orite ? if we break , i want to people please takecare himself ya x) , i got many of friend , i love my friend boy/girl and you and lastly i want to say ilove you all , takecare yourself , follow me and thanyou for reading x)
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